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Paul Tavenner

Paul is a professional music producer and drummer. He performs in several Los Angeles-based bands and is the owner of Big City Recording Studios, where he has worked with world-class musicians. He holds a music degree from Berklee, College of Music.  More

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Lily Popova

Lily is an award-winning pianist and has been performing professionally since age seven. She performs and tours regularly both as a soloist and as a chamber musician with piano quartet “St.Ivo."She has released two solo albums: “Favorite Short Pieces” by Frederic Chopin, and “Compositions” by Lily Popova, featuring her own original piano music for the first time. More

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Joletta Sells

Joletta founded The Music Coaches, LLC in 2018 as an expansion of her successful Los Angeles-based music studio. Joletta is a musician and singer-songwriter specializing in church and worship music. She has over 20 years music teaching experience and is an award-winning Christian artist. More