Private Lessons

Piano, Voice, Guitar, 

Percussion, Ukulele, 

Bass Guitar, Flute, Violin, Viola, Cello, Trumpet, Trombone, 
Accordion, Saxophone, Clarinet, Songwriting, Theory, Harmonica, Sibelius Software

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Music Therapy

Experience the healing effects of music through sessions with a trained and licensed music therapist. Learn a specific instrument (piano, voice, guitar, bass guitar, percussion) or utilize general music. For any age, with English and Spanish-speaking families.

Los Angeles, Salt Lake City

Group Classes

We offer several online group classes to get you started on your music-learning journey. Group classes are designed to be a beginning introduction to a specific instrument or general music. View and purchase a class directly from our store page. 


Song Publishing

Have you (or your child) written a song that you would like to have in professional music form? Using Sibelius software, your original music scribblings can become professional looking sheet music. Makes a great gift!

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Band Coaching

Training local bands of all ages to perform together.  Request a coach who specializes in a specific instrument or genre, and request a different coach (or the same one) for each rehearsal! Your coach will arrive at your rehearsal, listen to your hits, and give excellent feedback. Band coaching can be weekly, monthly, or at random.  

All Locations + Online