Effective Social Media Marketing for Christian Music Artists

First, let me introduce you to a few applications you need to use on a regular basis if you’re serious about building your twitter activity.  All of these are free…

Hootsuite – allows you to quickly schedule, scan and respond to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn (and other social media) activity – your mentions, your retweets, your direct messages, your posts, your comments, etc.

Buffer – this is a smarter way to share media, articles, videos and it automatically allows you to share them throughout the day for more effective social media.

Google Reader – A great tool for scanning articles and blog posts that might be most interesting to your fans to share.

Social Oomph – Great for bulk scheduling your tweets to your favorite blog posts and content.

Optional: Tweetadder – this is optional because it does cost something to use this tool.  It allows you to effectively and automatically manage your followers.  It gives you the ability to follow people back, to unfollow or follow people.  It allows you to find your ideal fan by searching their tweets and their profile data.  Warning: be careful to limit yourself to a manageable number of followers each day because twitter has limits as to how many people you can follow daily and the percentage of follows to followers.

So, now that you’ve signed up for these tools, here are some ways to use these tools for effective and efficient marketing.  The intention behind each one is for you to become an influence to your followers and fans.  It’s important to do each with the spirit of GIVING in mind.  The more you give away, the more you will receive.

(I must give credit to Michael Hyatt for many of these tips – see link to his awesome article)

Spend 30 minutes (max) first thing in the morning doing the following:
- Review and reply to the overnight activity on HootSuite. (5 minutes max)

- Create tweets with links to interesting articles, blog posts and videos that might be informational, motivational or inspirational to your fanbase or audience.  Use Google Reader to scan your favorite websites (GodTube, ChristianityToday, etc.).  Then use Buffer to schedule links to them throughout the day. Try to find 5-7 articles a day to post (20 minutes max)

- Bulk schedule tweets and posts to your favorite blog posts that you’ve written using Social Oomph or Hootsuite.  Once you have enough content, schedule to automatically tweet 3-5 per day. (5 min max)

Take 2x 5 minute breaks per day to check to any social media activity using Hootsuite.  I suggest you do this at 12 and 4 when you check your emails and do some admin work (only after you’ve done your most important tasks in the morning).

Find your favorite inspirational Bible scriptures to share.  A great scripture resource is BibleGateway.  Post at least one for each day of the week using Hootsuite.

Look for inspirational quotes that have special meaning to you.  Look up things people you admire have said and post them as tweets.  Here’s a neat resource I found for inspirational quotes. Again, schedule using Hootsuite.

Post or Tweet links to free song downloads, offers, specials, merchandise in your store or on your website.  Try to schedule 2 each day of the week (excluding Sundays if you’d like) – again using Hootsuite.

Track your metrics.  Track and compare how you’re doing each week.  I would suggest doing this either on a Monday or Friday.  Top things to track to see how you’re progressing with your social media marketing would be:
- Twitter Followers
- Website traffic (Google Analytics)
- Comments/Tweets/Likes/Sharing of Blog Posts
- Facebook Insights (Track your page activity)
- Sales/Donations
- Downloads
- YouTube/Video Views
- Email Subscribers

Here’s a template I use to track my metrics – MetricsTracker Example.

These are some valuable tools to effective social media marketing for Christian music artists.  Put them into action today.

For more specific help, we offer individual or band music marketing coaching. Contact us to learn more.

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